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About Us & FAQ's

About Us

Vinyl Revamp is a family business that takes old vinyl records and NZ - manufactured MDF and creates unique art, wall hangings and clocks.


Records are cut to order from good condition LP vinyl records that measure 30cm in diameter. We have customers all over New Zealand and the world with records being shipped every week and grace the walls of homes, cafe's, restaurants and businesses around the world.

Each design is cut and hand finished so no two are ever quite the same. The old labels are air brushed black so you don’t see the label writing.

Delivery time varies and depends on how busy we are. We try to get orders out within 5 - 7 days of being placed, often it's quicker but in busy seasons it can be a little longer. We use NZ Parcel Post for most deliveries and they take approx. 3-4 working days from dispatch. 

A small disclaimer - The images on the web site are a digital representation of the finished product.  Cutting vinyl never leaves a perfect finish. We endeavour to make them the best they can possibly be for the lowest price, BUT some edges can not be cut perfectly, especially for intricate designs. To finish each one perfectly would take many hours each. Cutting through paper labels that have been stuck to the vinyl for 30 - 40 years also leaves a slight ‘burred’ edge that some people don't like as it doesn't leave the cleanest finish. For the cleanest lines it’s best to choose a design that leaves the label uncut. The reverse side of the cut vinyl will be scratched and not suitable for viewing. With all that said; when they are on the wall they look AMAZING!

We are adding new design as products all the time so add yourself to our customer list and get the latest monthly newsletter and designs of the month.

We also create larger wall hangings of all our designs made from MDF, unique clocks and art from old record players and musical instruments too. Some items are only available to our private email list and sell fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Vinyl Revamp is run from a studio in Hamilton, New Zealand. We don’t have a retail store so sell exclusively online and deliver worldwide.

How long does it take to get my order?

All art is made to order in our studio. We endeavour to have your order ‘out of the door’ within 5 – 7 working days. Often it’s quicker than that but it depends on how busy we are and what season it is.

Delivery is on top of production times and is by NZ Post which takes approx. 3 days for NZ orders. For worldwide shipping estimates see our shipping page.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, on New Zealand orders over $150. Sorry no free shipping on international orders.

Can I pick up my order?

No, sorry we don't have a pickup option.

Can I ship to an address different to my own - either in NZ or overseas?

If you are wanting to send our art as a gift , then please just order through the same process as you would normally on our web site - simply change the shipping address when checking out and the shipping costs will automatically calculate for you - easy as that!  

Can I come and buy in person?

We don't currently have a store, however we are planning to have a stall at some select markets around the Manawatu region in the very near future. If you would like to be kept posted on on where and when these will be please follow us on Facebook or Instagram or join our mailing list. 

Do you do personalised designs?

No. If you have an idea for a design please feel free to contact us and we can put it in our ‘suggestion box’

Where do the records come from?

We source the records from second hand shops and records shops around New Zealand.

What do you do with the label?

After we have cut the record we spray the label with a special semi gloss paint that blocks out the writing on the label making the records look much more attractive. Please note that any designs that cut through the label do have a slight ‘burring’ along the edges where the cut is. This is due to the label being made of paper and being stuck onto the vinyl for many years. We do our best to minimise this but it isn’t 100% avoidable.

Do you use a laser cutter?

No. Using a laser cuter on vinyl records creates very dangerous and corrosive fumes. We do know some businesses use laser cutters but our health is more important. We use a combination of cutting machines and hand finishing tools.

What are the wooden art sizes and designs?

LP’s are quite small at 300 mm (12 inches) diameter so due to demand for larger art pieces we have introduced larger sized designs made from top quality MDF and painted with a dark matt (blackboard) paint. The medium size is 450mm x 450mm and the large size is 580mm x 580mm.

These larger sizes look fantastic either on their own or in groups of 3 (or more).

To buy the larger designs just select the size you want from the product page and  then add to cart.