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The Clash - London Calling

$79.00 NZD

The Clash - London Calling

570 mm at the longest edge

Our Clash wall art piece is a depiction of their hugely popular 1979 album cover “London Calling”. Called the Best Album of the 1980’s by Rolling Stone Magazine

The Clash were an English rock band formed in London in 1976 as a key player in the original wave of British punk rock. They consisted of lead vocalist Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Nicky "Topper" Headon.

The Clash achieved commercial success in the United Kingdom with the release of their self-titled debut album, The Clash, in 1977. Their third album, London Calling, released in the UK in December 1979, earned them popularity in the United States when it was released there the following month.

The Clash's politicized lyrics, musical experimentation, and rebellious attitude had a far-reaching influence on rock. They became widely referred to as "The Only Band That Matters".  Shortly after the death of Joe Strummer in 2003, the band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked the Clash number 28 on its list of the 100 greatest artists of all time.

Our custom designs are hand crafted here in our Bay of Plenty workshop. Each piece is made to order. Constructed of quality NZ manufactured 3mm MDF that adheres to the most stringent environmental standards and certifications. Made from 100% sustainable resources. The pieces are finished in a deep satin black paint that provides a premium, washable hard-wearing surface that looks striking against any wall.